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Mile High Hamburger Mary's Aesthetic and Service Charms Diners

See what the online community has to say about the new Uptown, gay-friendly sports bar

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Mile High Hamburger Mary's
Mile High Hamburger Mary's

A New Niche: In an recent feature, Dining Out praises Denver's new gay-friendly and charmingly campy 17th Avenue restaurant. Filling a "much-needed niche" in Denver's food scene, Mile High Hamburger Mary's pops with color and quirk inside and out. The cocktail options, fresh ingredients and friendly atmosphere help to welcome all types of guests (as long as they're Bronco's fans). [Dining Out]

The Service News: Many Facebook reviewers were excited to try the new mile high location and were left satisfied. Recent visitors left five star comments praising the "stellar" service provided by a hospitable staff. Charmed by the servers' kindness, multiple comments rejoiced that they were "so glad Hamburger Mary's is back!" [Facebook]

The Food News: To the munching masses, hungover hoards, and boozy brunchers: Mile High Hamburger Mary's has a dish for you. From crispy appetizers to loaded sandwiches, the sports bar offers a humble mix of traditional bar food and slightly healthy fare. Yelp Reviewers tend to favor the customization mac and cheese, Meaty Mushroom burger and French onion dip. [Yelp]

Neighborhood Potential: Few Google Reviewers nitpick the outpost's Uptown prices for its occasionally lackluster burgers. The "over priced" $12 burgers, occasionally toppled too much with M-sauce, overwhelmed some diners. However, Google users generally conceded that the kitschy yet welcoming environment may be enough for the restaurant to become "a staple in the neighborhood for a while." [Google Reviews]

Mile High Hamburger Mary's

, Denver, CO (303) 993-5812