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Fifteen Year Old Restaurant Shutters in Wheat Ridge

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There’s one less eatery for this town

Vincenza’s Italian Restaurant and Bakery closed up shop after 15 years of service, the Denver Post reported. The family-owned restaurant brought to the neighborhood not just red sauce, pastas, and baguettes, but also a home away from home.

Owner Gregory Allan led the eatery for the last 13 years. Spending seven days a week in the dining room and taking some five days off a year became a routine he was ready to get out of, particularly since the arrival of his son last year. So, when he got an offer to sell, he pursued it.

Louie Riccatone and his wife and their business partner Stephen McCabe are the buyers and they plan to bring a specialty meat market and Italian deli. Making charcuterie is a priority, made-to-order pastas and sandwiches will be part of the offerings, and meat sourced locally and butchered to order will be a highlight once they complete a renovation.