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Fake News on In-N-Out Burger Creates Chaos

Just settle for Shake Shack for now


The fake news epidemic has struck the food world once again. Word that In-N-Out Burger will come to Denver spread like a wild fire at the height of the drought yesterday after a tweet shared on a local blog suggested an official position that such a development was the case. The blog that shared the buzz has been removed; the tweet came from a fake account; many were disappointed.

The seven decade old Southern California cultish burger chain confirmed to several excited Coloradoans on its official social media that it has no plans to enter this market. Outside of its home state, fans of the business famed for the (not-so-) secret double double animal style can get their fix in multiple locations throughout Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Texas, and Oregon.

And Denverites have little to complain of considering the abundance of burgers that comes both in regular restaurants and specialized burger enterprises like Park BurgerLarkburger, and Crave Real Burgers. Also, Shake Shack will open in the Mile High City later this year.

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