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Old Chicago Departs Pearl Street After 41 Years

It is the end of an era

The predictions made this summer about the possible departure of Old Chicago from Boulder’s Pearl Street have come true. After 41 years of pizza, beer, and merriment, the original outpost of what has become a national chain, shuttered the doors of the space located at 1102 Pearl Street.

It is the end of an era and the beginning of another one from the point of view of the Days. Frank Day was the founder of Old Chicago and his son Phil is the owner of the building. The plans, as detailed by the Daily Camera, are to scrape the existing one-story building and triple up with a mixed-use project that will have room for a restaurant, retail, office space and residential units.

The landscape of the Pearl Street Mall has changed and continues to change as buildings get taller and more units both commercial and residential are added, along with retail. For some ideas on where to dine in the area, check out our mammoth guide to eating and drinking in the foodie town.