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Vail Chef Kelly Liken Pulls Out of Harvest

You can still sample the restaurant until the end of the ski season


Less than a year since the opening of Harvest, Colorado chef and restaurateur Kelly Liken, a three-time James Beard Award nominee and Top Chef alum, announced she and her partner Rick Colomitz are ending their management engagement at the Edwards' restaurant at the end of this winter season.

"I enjoyed the challenge of opening a restaurant within the Sonnenalp Club together with the Sonnenalp Hotel family, a beloved Vail Valley name and brand," Liken shared. "I plan to continue to explore opportunities and partnerships that build on my love for the state of Colorado, its amazing community, and most importantly its culinary reputation."

For the time being, Harvest will continue operations under the current structure as the Sonnenalp Club transitions to new management and prepares to evolve the Harvest concept for the summer season and beyond.

"We accomplished a great deal in this past year, including a successful opening and strong holiday season," said Johannes Faessler, President and General Manager of the Sonnenalp Hotel and the Sonnenalp Club. "The Club looks forward to building upon what was created and learned with Kelly and Rick and we wish them all the best in their future endeavors in the Vail Valley and beyond."