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Remodeled Zengo Remains Lukewarm, Small Town Pizzeria Brings Value

This is what the critics have to say this week

Adam Larkey

Chef Richard Sandoval went all out on the remodel of his still popular Zengo restaurant but critic Gretchen Kurtz found little improvement to speak of. In the latest Westword review, Kurtz admonishes the restaurant for trying to distill the foods of four billion people into a one-page menu with its new "foods from the Asian continent approach." She is equally unimpressed with the divorce from the Latin part of its original format, the uncoursed way in which dishes arrive at the table, and the new additions to the menu like the volcano roll or the squash curry. There were highlights like the stir fry noodle, but the desserts were another let-down.

It wasn't the ambiance at The Berthoud Pizza Company that charmed the Daily Camera critic Clay Fong, but something about hearty food and good value made this place a winner. The small town joint offers traditional pizza toppings such as Italian sausage, mushroom, pepperoni, and both green and Kalamata olives that cost between $10 and $17, plus the cost of toppings, which are $1.50 apiece on a 14-inch medium pie, and $2.50 on a 20-inch extra large pie. There are some specialties pies as well, including the the Diablo, topped with chorizo, pickled jalapeño and red onions. A take and bake option, as well as a twelve inch gluten-free crust available adds to the appeal.


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