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Second Chop Shop Location Fires Up in Lowry

It opens today at 5 o’clock

Andra Zeppelin

Going on three years at its first location on Colfax, Chop Shop Casual Urban Eatery launches its encore in the Lowry Town Center today at 5 p.m. Chef and owner Clint Wangsnes has been eyeing the space that used to house Salty Rita’s for a long time. "I have wanted this space for a while and we jumped on the opportunity as soon as it became available," he shared. "This is our demographic right here: families, parents, kids, who like good food and a welcoming friendly environment," he added.

Fast casual in an elevated way, Chop Shop does not do table service for the approximately 60 seats inside and additional 40 on the indoor patio. Instead, guests cue up at the counter, order then proceed into the fuss-free yet thoughtful modern dining room and grab a seat. The variety of tables and seating arrangements gives guests several options depending on the group size and mood.

The space, designed by Elizabeth Nelson, who is also a business partner in the restaurant is airy, accented by reclaimed wood and dotted with green and orange accents, reminiscent of the original. The indoor patio has garage doors and opens into an outdoor patio set on a plaza. The vision that Wangsnes has for this new spot will come to life even more in the summer time when the fountain will operate in the plaza and kids will be able to enjoy the outdoors while parents.

The menu is very similar to the original with the addition of a banh mi and all natural corn dogs for both kids and adults. For the time being, these will not be available at the Colfax shop.

Dinner service starts tonight; lunch and dinner will be served starting tomorrow.