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Peek Inside the Upcoming Concourse Restaurant Moderne

Chef Lon Symensma is planning big things for the Stapleton project

Rendering by LIVStudio

Come spring, chefs Lon Symensma and Luke Bergman, who worked together in their New York City days, will unveil their joint project in the Stapleton area. Concourse Restaurant Moderne, located at 10195 E. 29th Drive, calls itself a progressive American cuisine spot that makes use of European techniques.

Symensma, who made a name for himself through his mastery of pan-Asian cuisine at flagship restaurant ChoLon and its younger sibling Cho77, is poised to show off his culinary range with a menu that strays far away from what we've gotten accustomed to from him. For his part, Bergman, a Culinary Institute of America graduate, describes his cooking style as progressive and his resume, which includes serving as executive sous chef at Danny Meyer's The Modern at the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan, backs that up.

This week, the restaurant released some renderings of the upcoming attractions. LIVStudio is responsible for the sleek and attractive interior. Stay tuned for updates.