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Devil's Food Finally Launches Bakery and Coffee Shop

It's a sweet spot to gather on this residential area

After many delays, the charming sister coffee shop to Devil's Food is up and running. Located four doors down from the original, the bakery and café is set at 1004 South Gaylord Street on a strip of retail that also includes Homegrown Tap & Dough and Charcoal Bistro.

The cozy spot offers a wide variety of pastries, a full list of coffee drinks crafted with locally roasted means from spots like Middlestate, Sweet Bloom, or Huckleberry, and a wide variety of teas. Patrons can enjoy the new digs from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. seven days a week and they can even squat with their laptops at a table if that is what one needs, something not available at the sister spot.

Eventually, the original Devil's Food will be renamed Myrtle Hill Cookery, after the old-time name of this neighborhood. While that change is pending, some cosmetic touches were completed at the space located at 1020 South Gaylord. Here's a peak at the updated interior.

Devil's Food

1020 S Gaylord Street, Denver, CO 80209 303 733 7448