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The Truffle Table in High Waters After Main Break

The staff fought the water off for hours and it isn’t quite over

Mile High Happy Hour

A water main broke at West 29th Avenue and Zuni Street on Saturday mid-morning, leaving the neighborhood in major disarray and The Truffle Table, which was right on the path of the flood, in a major pickle. Water poured down on 15th Street (the restaurant is located at 2556 15th Street) getting the owners, the staff, and even neighbors to scramble to keep up. "It was like a waterfall going straight into our basement," Karin Lawler said. The group hurried to get everything out of there and continued to fight the strong stream of water with buckets upon buckets.

What happened? A section of a two foot wide pipe that was 130 years old burst. There was a man kayaying down the street. People had to be rescued by fire crews out of their cars. "The City of Denver responded really quickly and sent remediation crews out fast, within two hours of the incident really," Lawler shared.

The Truffle Table was closed this weekend and will likely reopen on Wednesday.