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Oldest Italian Restaurant in Colorado Shutters

The Blue Parrot will close its doors in Louisville


For 98 years, the Blue Parrot served its Italian fare and famous spaghetti sauce to guests who visited the Louisville Italian eatery located at 640 Main Street. And now it's time to say good-bye, 9News reported. The Colacci family, who for generations operated the restaurant, now with Joan Riggins at the helm, is calling it quits.

You can still go though for a last hurrah in the coming weeks. The Blue Parrot did not confirm a firm closure date yet.

Last year, North Denver lost Patsy's, a 95 year old institution that also served Italian food. Since 2012, other Italian staples shuttered, including Pagliacci'sCarbone's (now reopened in a different form at Monkey Barrel), and Longo's Subway Tavern closed their doors. Gaetano's and Lechuga's changed ownership.

None of that should not persuade you that Italian food is no longer popular in the Mile High City. Coperta is rocking in Uptown, Bar Dough and Via Perla do the same in LoHi and Boulder respectively. All three opened in the last 15 months. Tavernetta and Cativella are among the most anticipated openings this year, and Il Posto is just about to launch in a gorgeous new space in RiNo.

Blue Parrot

640 Main St, Louisville, CO 80027 (303) 666-0677