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The Purple Martini Makes a Comeback in LoDo

Go-go dancers and happy hour martinis return to the Denver nightlife scene

The Purple Martini
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A nostalgic name for nightlife fans makes its way back on the scene, hoping to attract a whole new generation. The Purple Martini is currently hiring for its new location at 1416 Market St., inside the former homes of 24K Lounge and Lumi Nightclub.

The nightclub sits less than one-third of a mile from the site of the original off 15th Street location, which poured from 1996 until 2004 and kicked off a rash of neighboring lounges, bars and martini-infused concepts.

The Purple Martini owners have released little information about the current incarnation, but the vacancies do include a call for go-go dancers and revealed the new club motto of “one people, one vibe, one color.” The original venues aimed for a young professional crowd, but for a few years caught a hot streak of customers in their late 20s.

Purple Martini also expanded to the Tabor Center, Denver Tech Center’s Belleview Promenade and Boulder’s 29th Street Mall, with ambitious plans for multiple future venues before the brand and all the lounges finally vanished in the summer of 2010.

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The Purple Martini

1416 Market St., Denver, CO 80202