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Gumba’s Italian Restaurant & Bar Now Has an Opening Timetable

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Enjoy “Brooklyn Pizza” and the sounds of a live DJ

Gumba’s Italian Restaurant & Bar
Gumba’s Italian Restaurant & Bar

Coming soon, an authentic taste of Brooklyn that moves beyond its food truck origins and into a prime corner location at 20th and Lincoln streets. Gumba’s Italian Restaurant & Bar plans to open next month.

Chris Auriemma, the operator of the Gumba’s Italian Kitchen food trucks, takes over the 4,200-square-foot restaurant space that stood vacant since the 2014 departure of Good Food Colorado. He pushes for a Nov. 3 opening event featuring live entertainment. Gumba’s wants to promote a DJ to create the restaurant soundtrack on Friday and Saturday nights.

Auriemma tells future employees that his ingredients will be “consciously sourced from a community of like-minded farmers, ranchers and purveyors to ensure the highest quality results.” While the menu features East Coast favorites including his Brooklyn pizza, Auriemma plans to showcase dishes from his food truck, such as antipasto, hot and cold heroes, meatballs, pasta, soups, and salads.

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