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Cult-Favorite Coffee Heads to Lakewood

Dutch Mafia alert! The Denver invasion of Dutch Bros. Coffee gets back on track

Dutch Bros Northern Colorado

A coffee shop dubbed a “coffee cult” with hardcore fans affectionately known as the Dutch Mafia inches closer to Denver proper. Dutch Bros. Coffee lands Lakewood, with plans finally in place to build 860-sqaure-foot kiosk at the Lamar Station Plaza, home to Casa Bonita since 1974.

While Dutch Bros. won’t feature any actual windmill blades installed to drill home the company brand, this drive-thru only location at 6671 W. Colfax Ave. will sport the blue windmill logo. The store sits at the front of the retail hub, to the east of the farmers market and close to the current plaza signage.

The self-proclaimed largest, privately held drive-thru coffee company has grown to more than 206 destinations since 1992, with no indication of slowing down. The Dutch Bros. invasion has already spread to kiosks in Colorado Springs and one each in Loveland and Fort Collins.

Although Dutch Bros. originally planned a September debut, construction work should begin soon, with multiple Denver locations planned for the future.

On the menu, coffees created with Colombian, Brazilian and El Salvadoran beans, flavored choices like the chocolate macadamia nut “Annihilator” the 911, created with Irish cream and six shots, plus lemon poppy-seed, chocolate chip and orange cranberry muffin tops.

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Dutch Bros. Coffee

6671 W. Colfax Ave., Lakewood, CO 80241