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Two New Pizza Restaurants Head to Fort Collins

Oregano’s Pizza Bistro and Pizza Rev are on the way

Oregano’s Pizza Bistro

A choice of classic and modern approaches to the humble pizza pie head to Fort Collins, but both are a little behind schedule.

Scottsdale, Arizona’s Oregano's Pizza Bistro plans to deliver its spin on a Chicago thin-crust to 4235 S. College Ave. next year, right at the intersection with Troutman Parkway. Originally hoped to be open this fall, construction bids were only accepted in August for the 6,466-square foot project with a main dining room, L-shaped corner bar and an outdoor patio.

The menu here includes stuffed and pan pizzas, pastas, salads, and sandwiches in a space designed to evoke memories of a ’40s- and ’50s-era neighborhood pizza joint. That nostalgia even goes as far as featuring big band music at its full-service restaurants. The restaurant expects to open in early 2018.

And less than four miles to the north at 649 S. College Ave., Pizza Rev heads next door to a Chipotle Mexican Grill, installing its 900-degree, stone-bed ovens to create crispy Roman-style pizza in less than three minutes. The create-your-own pizza franchise planned to debut its 3,050-square-foot space last month, but has not updated its new arrival timetable. This location also features the brand’s tap room, a self-pour beer wall offering draft beers and wines.

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