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Juniper Pig Butcher Shop Now Slicing at Stanley Marketplace

The ethical meat purveryor opens Saturday in Stapleton’s food hall

Stanley Marketplace opens its 19th food vendor, Juniper Pig, this weekend
Adam Larkey

Cold cuts, cured meats, and chops will be available at Stanley Marketplace starting this weekend when butcher Juniper Pig joins the food hall’s 18-vendor lineup. Run by a team of butchers and chefs and owned by a veterinary surgeon, the shop promises to sell ethically sourced and processed meats.

“The way animals are treated on some factory farms is unsettling,” Juniper Pig founder Dr. John Stephan says. “Our goal is to provide natural and nutritious premium products to our customers from producers committed to the highest ethics of animal husbandry and the most sustainable approach to the welfare of their farms and animals.”

Menu items at Juniper Pig range from roasted chickens to rotisserie tenderloins, and sandwiches such as pork belly banh mi and chicken salad. Salads and vegetarian items also are offered. Juniper Pig’s opening team is a star lineup: Spencer Caine, a former Fruition sous chef; Brett Wenger, previously a butcher in Colorado Springs; and Brent Petty, formerly of Fruition and Mercantile Dining & Provision, have all joined the new butcher program.

“We have a focus on ‘culinary butchery,’” Caine says. “When a customer comes to us for a premium cut of meat, they have us to help them make the most out of it. I like that. Through that, we close the circle of acknowledging the responsibility to care [for] and respect the animal.”

Status: Juniper Pig officially opens Saturday, November 11, at Stanley Marketplace.

Stanley Marketplace

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