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Aurora Coffee Roaster Reopens Cafe, Community Center, Artist Space

Jubilee Roasting Co. is up and running Friday after two months of renovation

Jubilee, a coffee shop and roaster in North Aurora, reopens Friday after 2 months of renovation
Elliot Lambdin

Tucked behind the Discount Tire Store and a used car lot just off East Colfax Avenue in Aurora, a team of coffee makers and artists has been quietly toiling away over the last few months. Since December 2015, Jubilee Roasting Co. has produced wholesale coffee for Denver restaurants and retail outlets. They’ve offered a small tasting room in the front of the production warehouse for day-to-day customers. And business owner Peter Wanberg has opened up the back of the building at 1452 Kenton Street to artists and creatives looking for affordable studio space.

After 18 months in business, Jubilee closed its doors September 2 to undergo a couple months of renovation and enter into the next phase of what Wanberg refers to as a multi-dimensional project. The space reopened Friday morning to a packed house of supporters. People are surprised when they find Jubilee where they find it, Wanberg explains.

“They’re maybe not expecting to come to North Aurora and get served really well here,” he says. “We want to serve this neighborhood well, and be a point of community connection — a safe space.”

The new multi-dimensional Jubilee includes a full coffee cafe with room for 30, and new garage doors that span the front of the building, opening to a small patio. The cafe leads to a roasting and packaging area, followed by a roomy warehouse creative space. Jubilee currently sublets this portion to 10 tenants, who range from photographers, to sign makers, and ceramicists.

Wanberg hopes to expand this part of the project, and he’s installed back garage doors that will eventually open to another patio and outdoor event space. Patrons of the coffee shop are encouraged to wander around with their to-go cups and check out the artists’ work on display. For his part, Wanberg says he’ll continue to pursue community-involving projects in addition to “geeking out about coffee.”

Status: Jubilee Roasting Co. has officially re-opened at 1452 Kenton Street. Hours are 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday to Saturday.

Peter Wanberg, right, holds a “cupping” or coffee tasting at Jubilee Roasting Co.
Elliot Lambdin

Jubilee Roasting Co

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