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What Can Your Dog Order at This Pup-Catering Denver Restaurant?

And other important food news questions answered

The pooch-friendly Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar will open in Westminster December 20
Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar

CANINE NEWS: Denver’s pooch-friendly Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar opens December 20 at The Orchard Town Center in Westminster. The restaurant is now hiring, but aspiring servers, know that there will be no touching of the dogs invited to dine on the outdoor patio with their owners. (Because, health code.) A few other important rules to note about a doggy dining establishment: No dogs on tables or chairs; no begging, barking, or biting; no sharing plates with the animals; and no dogs off leashes. So what can the dogs do? Drink complimentary water, eat plain brown rice ($2.50), and enjoy a choice of either a grilled hamburger patty or chicken breast with rice ($4.95). Check out more details about the opening here. [Denver Post]

DIVE NEWS: A nearly 70-year-old Denver dive bar is back in business after just more than a year closed on West 48th Avenue. Westword tells the story of The Squeeze Inn’s unlikely comeback after its near leveling to be replaced by an office building. The character-filled bar was originally started by World War II veterans as a burger joint. Its new owners scrubbed the place slightly but are keeping it close to its former glory and now welcoming back neighborhood drinkers. [Westword]

TOP CHEF NEWS: Top Chef season 15 is just eight days away, and 5280 sat down with the two Colorado contestants — chefs Carrie Baird (Denver) and Brother Luck (Colorado Springs) — to talk about their experiences. Baird and Luck dished on their preparation tactics, their challenges, and their post-show recuperation. They did not, however, divulge any details about the season, which premieres December 7. What were they most unprepared for? For Baird, it was the cast’s shared house, summer-camp style, and the changing Colorado weather. For Luck: “Getting to meet Padma!” [5280]