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This is Not a Test: In-N-Out Burger Has a Deal to Open in Colorado

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The beloved California-based burger joint is planning a distribution center in the Springs

The fast food chain is expanding to Colorado

After multiple false alarms last year, In-N-Out Burger is finally under contract for a Colorado distribution facility that would signal the start of an expansion across the Front Range. The beloved California-based burger joint is currently in talks with the City of Colorado Springs to move forward with a distribution facility, office building, and restaurant on 22.4 acres at the Victory Ridge mixed-use development located north of town, across the highway from the United States Air Force Academy.

For anyone counting, that means In-N-Out burgers and fries soon could be just 60 miles down the road from Denver.

The timeline for the project is unspecified, however, first pending approval from the City. According to Victory Ridge developer Andy Klein (Westside Investment Partners), a Thursday morning meeting with City of Colorado Springs representatives went well: “They were incredibly positive,” Klein says of the response. He explained that In-N-Out enters new markets first with a distribution facility, followed by multiple restaurants, meaning Colorado Springs will be the base for In-N-Out Burgers “up and down the Front Range.”

In a place known more for Focus on the Family than for California transplants, the addition of In-N-Out will mean more food-sector jobs in a growing north-side community. “Westside counts itself amongst the devout followers of this iconic hamburger establishment,” says the development firm’s principal Otis Moore, “and we look forward to this creating more opportunities for this development that is serving an unmet demand for unique offerings in the north Colorado Springs market.”

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