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Everything to Know About ‘Top Chef: Colorado’ Season 15

Stay tuned for updates as the show unfolds

The Season 15 cast of ‘Top Chef Colorado’
Bravo TV

Everyone’s favorite cooking competition TV show is back on the air Thursdays, and this season, it’s set in colorful Colorado. From Denver’s Larimer Square to the fine dining rooms of Telluride, Season 15 of Bravo’s Top Chef spans the state, and includes many of our beloved chefs, attractions, and restaurants. With two Colorado contestants involved, and so much pride at stake, Eater is here to help keep track of it all. From quickfire challenges, to foiled dishes, and the most polite (Please pack your knives and go) Padma smackdowns, here are the latest updates.

  • Not even Top Chef is spared from current politics. Earlier this week, Eater reported that New Orleans chef John Besh has been edited out of an episode from Top Chef Season 15 following recent reports from 25 of his employees who said they had experienced sexual harassment and/or assault while working for him. “Bravo to Bravo for making this decision,” Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio told Eater. More than one questionable appearance and another reference to harassment during the season had to be edited out post production. In light of recent events, the show’s creators and stars wouldn’t have any of it: John Besh Gets Edited Out of Top Chef: Colorado [EATER]
  • So far the Colorado Top Chef season is proving to be a nail-biter for its home-state contestants. The season’s premiere started with two faces familiar (or soon to be) to Colorado diners: Carrie Baird, head chef of Denver’s Bar Dough, is a cheftestant; she was also this year’s reader’s choice winner for Eater Denver’s Chef of the Year award. Brother Luck, of Colorado Springs’ Four by Brother Luck, joins her in the 15-contestant lineup. Their first culinary challenge featured some challenging Colorado weather, and one Colorado contestant was in the bottom three by the end of it. Read more about the Colorado weather, scenery, restaurants, and chefs that will appear on the show this season: Top Chef Season 15 Showcases Colorado in a Big Way [EDEN]
  • Eater rounded up the most exciting things to watch for during Top Chef: Colorado — things like weed, bull testicles, surprisingly friendly chef competitors, and the chefs to beat this season. Tanya Holland, owner of Oakland’s Brown Sugar Kitchen, boasts some of the most impressive credentials of all the cast members. Holland received her culinary education in France, is working on two new outposts for her restaurant, has published a couple of cookbooks, and has extensive television experience on shows such as Food Network’s Melting Pot. What to Watch for During ‘Top Chef’ Season 15 [EATER]
Top Chef: Colorado kicked off with a block party in Larimer Square
Bravo TV
  • Curious about the show’s pull for its previous cheftestants? We tracked down all of Colorado’s former Top Chefs to see what they’re up to these days. From catering companies, to new cookbooks, longstanding restaurants, and traveling projects, the chefs are doing some great work in the culinary world. Check out their restaurants around Colorado, and stay tuned. Turns out kitchen work after Top Chef is a little less stressful and sometimes more successful. Colorado Top Chefs: Where Are They Now? [EDEN]

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