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Tatarian Will Pour Tree-Themed Cocktails Starting Tuesday on Tennyson

By the owners of Arvada Tavern and Union Lodge No. 1 comes a new nature-inspired bar

Each cocktail at Tatarian will be named after a different tree species and made with spices, roots, and herbs
Courtesy Tatarian

Christmas comes late this year on Berkeley’s Tennyson Street, where a highly specialized cocktail bar run by highly regarded Denver bar operators is opening Tuesday, December 26. Tatarian, the latest by the owners of cocktail bars Union Lodge No. 1 and Arvada Tavern, will feature tree-themed drinks made with spices, roots, and herbs from around the world. The bar’s name comes from a variety of maple tree that has shaded this corner of Northwest Denver for over a century.

On first thought, it’s an odd twist for a neighborhood bar. But husband-and-wife owners Mike Huggins and Lenka Juchelkova have already brought back the tiki night at their beloved Arvada Tavern, and, at Union Lodge No. 1, they’ve successfully worked to reintroduce historical cocktail relics. (On New Year’s Eve, Union Lodge’s managing partner Jason Patz will debut a more obscure throwback drinks menu.) For Tatarian, Huggins and Juchelkova have tapped Tavern alumnus Josh Sevy as bar manager. Sevy describes Tatarian’s upcoming beverage program as “adventurous,” “earthy,” and “vegetative.”

“I am actually finding a lot more inspiration in cookbooks rather than from cocktail bars, and by discovering interesting and new flavor profiles from chefs,” Sevy says. Drink names include Methuselah — the ancient bristlecone pine in California — and Arbol del Tule, which is a Montezuma cypress growing in a churchyard in Oaxaca (See Tequila and Mezcal old fashioned?). No word yet on any food accompaniments in the 900-square-foot space. If bark and leaves are on the menu at 4024 Tennyson Street, they will also be worth an order.

The Arbol del Tule at Tatarian
Courtesy Tatarian
The Methuselah cocktail at Tatarian
Courtesy Tatarian
Tatarian’s first volume of cocktail recipes will debut Tuesday, December 26, at 4024 Tennyson Street
Courtesy Tatarian


4024 Tennyson Street, Denver, CO 80212 (720) 840-3462 Visit Website

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