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Food Writers Share Their Favorite Newcomers of 2017

What were the year’s best debuts?

Señor Bear Food Photos
Señor Bear was a standout of 2017 for Denver food writers
Ryan Dearth

As is the tradition, Eater asked a group of journalists, bloggers, and friends of the site to weigh in on the year in food. Here, they share their top restaurant newcomers for 2017.

Linnea Covington, freelance writer, Westword

El Five is definitely on that list! But I also love Urban Farmer's whole program. Another favorite is Señor Bear, just as long as I only have one of those delicious frozen margaritas.

Gigi Sukin, editor, CoBiz

Señor Bear, Tavernetta, The Bindery, Annette

Alexandra Palmerton, food and booze editor, 303

This could be a laundry list, honestly. There were so many great openings this year, but I was probably most excited to see Tupelo Honey open. I'm from the South, and Tupelo Honey has a huge, cult-like following there. It's been fun to watch a concept I loved back home carve its own path west of the Mississippi.

Andra Zeppelin, former editor, Eater Denver

Annette and Tavernetta are crushing it!

Brittany Werges, managing editor, 303

Unlike years past, a lot of the top newcomers came from out of state, with Urban Farmer and Tupelo Honey being great additions. But overall Tavernetta, El Five, and Citizen Rail were among my personal favorites.

Laura Shunk, freelance writer, Westword

Señor Bear, Concourse, Annette

Callie Sumlin, associate food editor, 5280

Annette, Señor Bear, El Five, Bamboo Sushi, Ultreia, and I’m loving Emmerson’s desserts.

Denise Mickelsen, food editor, 5280

There were so many excellent additions to the scene this year! Stand-outs include Annette, White Pie, Bamboo Sushi, Bar Helix (so much more than a bar!), The Bindery, Ultreia, Santo, Izakaya Ronin, El Five, Concourse, Cattivella, Emmerson, Tavernetta, and Señor Bear.

Rebecca Treon, freelance writer, Denver Post

Cattivella, Urban Farmer, Wayward, Señor Bear, and Departure.

Ashley Dean, culture reporter, Denverite

Tavernetta, Wayward, Annette, and El Five were my favorites. (And I stupidly forgot El Five when I published my year-end list. Sorry, El Five.)

Tupelo Honey

1650 Wewatta Street, , CO 80202 (720) 274-0650 Visit Website

bar helix

3440 Larimer Street, , CO 80205 (720) 449-8587 Visit Website


1610 Little Raven St., Denver, CO 80202 Visit Website


1600 Pearl Street, , CO 80302 (303) 953-9852 Visit Website

Urban Farmer Denver

1659 Wazee Street, , CO 80202 (303) 262-6070 Visit Website


3998 Hillsboro Pike, , TN 37215 (615) 336-3426 Visit Website


2501 Dallas Street, , CO 80010 (720) 710-9975 Visit Website


80238 East 29th Drive, , CO 80238 (303) 645-3779 Visit Website

Señor Bear

3301 Tejon Street, , CO 80211 (720) 572-5997 Visit Website

White Pie

1702 Humboldt Street, , CO 80218 (303) 862-5323 Visit Website

El Five

2930 Umatilla Street, , CO 80211 (303) 524-9193 Visit Website

Bamboo Sushi

2715 17th Street, , CO 80211 (303) 284-6600 Visit Website

Izakaya Ronin

3053 Brighton Boulevard, , CO 80216 (303) 953-1602 Visit Website


1701 Wynkoop Street, , CO 80202 (303) 534-1970 Visit Website

The Bindery

1817 Central Street, , CO 80211 (303) 993-2364 Visit Website

Citizen Rail

1899 16th Street Mall, , CO 80202 (303) 323-0017 Visit Website

Concourse Restaurant Moderne

10195 East 29th Drive, , CO 80238 (720) 550-6934 Visit Website


1889 16th Street Mall, , CO 80202 (720) 605-1889 Visit Website