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The Saddest Restaurant Closures of 2017

Food writers lament the ones that were lost

Denver dining pros mourned the closing of Squeaky Bean this year
Adam Larkey

As is the tradition, Eater asked a group of journalists, bloggers, and friends of the site to weigh in on the year in food. Here, they share the hardest 2017 goodbyes.

Gigi Sukin, editor, CoBiz

The Squeaky Bean, and then probably The Way Back or Tavernetta — but both did come or are coming back.

Alexandra Palmerton, food and booze editor, 303

Squeaky Bean — I'm still over here craving that burger.

Andra Zeppelin, former editor, Eater Denver

There are a few that come to mind, none that makes or breaks the dining scene, but they do show the changing landscape. Clyde, Black Eye Cap Hill, Telegraph, and Brik on York are among them.

Brittany Werges, managing editor, 303

The Squeaky Bean! It was one of the first restaurants in Denver (of that size) that really carved out its own unique identity. Also with their engaged community involvement, it was really a restaurant you could get behind.

Ruth Tobias, writer, Zagat Denver

The Squeaky Bean was one of a kind. I also miss Axios — Denver's now virtually devoid of high-end Greek food and wine.

Laura Shunk, freelance writer, Westword

I think this has to be the Squeaky Bean. Although I'll be sad to say goodbye to the historic Wazee Supper Club, too, even if I'm very excited about Morin coming into that space next.

Callie Sumlin, associate food editor, 5280

The Blue Parrot and the Squeaky Bean

Denise Mickelsen, food editor, 5280

Two that hit particularly close to 5280’s LoDo homebase: the Squeaky Bean and soon-to-shutter Wazee Supper Club.

Rebecca Treon, freelance writer, Denver Post

Squeaky Bean

Ashley Dean, culture reporter, Denverite

The closing of Black Eye Coffee's Capitol Hill location really messed up my weekend groove.

Black Eye Coffee

800 Sherman st, Denver, CO 80203 (303) 955-1205

Brik on York

2223 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80206 (303) 284-6754 Visit Website


2318 Telegraph Avenue, , CA 94612 (510) 444-8353 Visit Website

Axios Greek Restaurant

3901 Tennyson Street, Denver, CO 80212 (720) 328-2225

The Squeaky Bean

1500 Wynkoop Street, Denver, CO 80209 (303) 623-2665 Visit Website

Wazee Supper Club

1600 15th Street, , CO 80202 (303) 623-9518 Visit Website

Clyde Wine and Design

, Denver, CO 80203 (720) 519-0772