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Denver Restaurant Pros Predict 2018 Headlines

From “Frasca Food and Wine Announces Cookbook” to “More Restaurants Than Residents”

Tableside preparations like those at Frasca are coming back in style in 2018, according to our experts
Julia Vandenoever

As is the tradition, Eater asked a group of journalists, bloggers, and friends of the site to weigh in on the year in food. Here, they divine the coming year’s biggest restaurant news.

Linnea Covington, freelance writer, Westword

I have a feeling Middle Eastern food might be making a big splash. It's time Denver got in on the hummus game.

Gigi Sukin, editor, CoBiz

I think we’re going to continue to see closures of old-school Denver institutions, as rents skyrocket. Denver’s suburbs will continue to attract impressive chefs and operators, creating clustered destinations spread around the city.

Alexandra Palmerton, food and booze editor, 303

“Denver Officially Has More Restaurants Than Residents

Andra Zeppelin, former editor, Eater Denver

“Record number of restaurants shutter in the metro area;” “Frasca Food and Wine announces cookbook;” “Restaurateur Dave Query ditches traditional tipping system.”

Brittany Werges, managing editor, 303

“Fed up with Rent, Denver Restaurateurs Buy Colorado Mills, Turn it into Food Amusement Park

Ruth Tobias, writer, Zagat Denver

Is it me, or is there a marked revival of cart service and tableside preparations? Cocktails, Caesar salads, cheeses, desserts — I'm loving that old-school showmanship. More please.

Laura Shunk, freelance writer, Westword

I think we'll see more out-of-towners establishing a stake here. And something has to give on the shortage of cooks — so that's gonna be in the news.

Callie Sumlin, associate food editor, 5280

“Blank Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Denise Mickelsen, food editor, 5280

More food halls; more bistros; more Asian fare; continued struggles with restaurant staffing and wages; and I hope, an increased focus on food waste, sustainability, and maybe even the addition of Israeli and Filipino cooking.

Rebecca Treon, freelance writer, Denver Post

The headline I'd love to see is that food insecurity has been eliminated, and a focus on positive restaurant culture as a workplace.

Ashley Dean, culture reporter, Denverite

Troy Guard is going to open at least one more Los Chingones after the Lakewood one, right? Maybe two? Five? Headline: Los Chingones to become more ubiquitous than Starbucks.

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