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Olive & Finch 2.0 Launches in Cherry Creek

It is bigger and better than the popular original

Andra Zeppelin

Chef Mary Nguyen has both the razor sharp focus and the nimbleness to take a successful concept and improve it based on the demands of the guests. Olive & Finch is now an amenity to Cherry Creek because the eatery and café, which serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner is vastly improved.

Three years ago, when Nguyen launched the original in Uptown, she assumed some things: That guests would grab and go mostly, that they would order more salads and less pastries, that they would grab a cup of coffee and a juice and go on with their day. Those assumptions have been removed by experience. The space in Cherry Creek is much larger. It is bright and airy, with lots of seating, a wide array of pastries, some beautiful cakes to take home, a catering kitchen, and a way to create main courses for dinner that rival some of our favorite restaurants in taste and presentation.

The core of Olive & Finch remained the same: Provide thoughtful food, made with high quality ingredients, at a great price, in an environment that is reminiscent of French traiteurs. It is casual but not lacking in attention to detail, it is approachable but not dumbed down. There are still fresh pressed juices, a small wine, beer, and cocktail program, and a full coffee menu, now featuring Pablo's beans but soon-to-change to the highly coveted Intelligentsia beans.

The breakfast menu has highlights like the shakshuka, the quinoa pancakes with lemon blueberry compote, and the open faced croque madame. There are 16 choices just on the sandwich menu for lunch and the Fettster, which features house-cured salmon, is a must. Salads and soups, as well as four flatbreads provide more variety. At lunch and dinner five main plates give diners a selection they didn't have at the first Olive & Finch: Sous-vide prepared steak, chicken, salmon, and pork, with side dishes and salads, plus a seasonal pasta option for the meat-free crowd. Speaking of dietary restrictions, the restaurant is not only conscious but well-prepared to handle vegetarian and vegan diners, as well as those suffering from celiac disease and other allergies.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served daily. Keep an eye out for an Olive & Finch coming close to you, particularly if you live Downtown.