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Lou's Facebook

On Sunday, restaurateur Frank Bonanno will serve one last brunch at his 38th Avenue restaurant Lou’s Food Bar. He sold the property and announced the upcoming closure to the staff and the public this morning.

This is the message Bonanno posted on his personal Facebook page:

Dear Denver, This Sunday will be The last for Lou's FoodBar, so get in here and get your fill of hot fried chicken and palomas before the doors close. Raise a glass to what lies ahead and thank you for a fantastic--really awesome, wonderful--6 years.

The page for Lou’s had this message posted this morning:

DENVER: thank you for all the love and support these past six years. We are closing this Sunday after brunch and would love to serve you some Lou's hot chicken to say thank you. It's not goodbye, it's see you later!

How much later you ask? Our prediction is later this year, if things go well, maybe in the fall. Bonanno has been negotiating to open a food hall inside the upcoming Dairy Block. The large development includes The Maven, a new hotel from Sage Hospitality and a second location of Kachina Southwestern Grill.

Bonanno's food hall will be more in the style of Avanti than in the style of Central Market or the Stanley, but Bonanno has yet to confirm details as, he shared, the deal was not all the way done. If we had to guess, we'd say that Lou's Hot Chicken will be prominently featured there.

Before any of that happens though, the chef whose portfolio of restaurants includes among others Mizuna, Luca, Bones, Green Russell, and Osteria Marco, will launch French 75, a casual francophile-friendly bistro in Downtown at 17th & Stout. For now, go say good bye to Lou's and stay tuned for further details.

Lou's Food Bar

1851 West 38th Avenue , Denver, CO