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Fried Chicken Eatery Birdcall Changes Restaurant Paradigm Through Technology

The former Tom's Home Cookin' is getting a major makeover

Courtesy of Birdcall

When Birdcall opens in the spring, a manager who plays much more Apple Store genius than restaurant maitre d' will oversee the staff-free dining room set where Tom's Home Cookin' operated for 17 years. The team behind the upcoming fried chicken sandwich spot, who also owns the Park Burger mini chain and two locations of Homegrown Tap & Dough, has a modern goal in mind: Using technology to be able to serve quality food at an affordable price.

Birdcall will be a modern fast-casual restaurant where design and a high-quality food program will aim to be the core of the new age restaurant experience. There will be affordable (think $5) all-natural Colorado-raised chicken sandwiches, a variety of them that includes Cordon Bleu, Nashville Hot, Kimchi, plus all sorts of flavors of hash browns, and plenty of beverages, alcoholic and not.

Instead of sitting down and ordering from a server or going up to a counter to do the same, guests will walk up to a high-tech kiosk developed uniquely for Birdcall and enter what they want. The software will be able to retain customer information so that next time a guest comes a swipe of a card will automatically pull up previous orders, which can be duplicated, or a menu of favorites, which one can choose from skipping the larger menu. Here's what to expect:

One of the main goals of this new restaurant model is expediency in more than one way (1) no waiting in line ever as there will always be a kiosk available and (2) filling orders in five minutes or less and giving customers a clear timeline of when they will get their hands on a sandwich. How can a kiosk always be available? That will be a work in progress in the beginning but the idea is to add and remove them as needed until the right balance is reached. Constant data on how fast orders are filled will allow a predictable timeline.

The sleek design, which features lots of casual counter seating but also some tables and playful elements like Tweety Bird swings outside, comes courtesy of Scheme Works, a local company that worked with this team on Homegrown Tap & Dough Arvada. Natural woods, white walls, lots of light and air, plus some yellow accent and fun ornamental bird cages will all be part of the décor.

Expect the Five Points location of Birdcall to hatch in late March/early April. Cash and cards will be accepted here. Come May or June, a yet-to-be-disclosed second location that features a drive-through, will accept credit cards only. This summer, an app will launch, allowing guests to place orders remotely.

Here's a peek at what's to come first at 800 East 26th Avenue: