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Southern Spot Fourteen Seventy-Two Shutters on Old South Pearl

The hot dining area lost one more restaurant

Fourteen Seventy-Two Facebook

Only three and a half years old, Fourteen Seventy-Two is no more on Old South Pearl Street, Westword reported. Focused on cuisine from the Low Country, the restaurant opened its doors in September 2013 in a space that had formerly been three rental homes that were united into one space. The owners, Dave Chmura, Rob Young and Scott Bergin, retrofitted the Victorian homes and opened a spot that they hoped would become a neighborhood staple.

Earlier in February, they shuttered without much of an explanation to guests aside from a brief "We're Gonna Miss All Of You!! Thank You For Everything!!" on the Facebook page of the business.

There is official explanation on the sudden closure. One thing is certain: There have been significant restaurant shuffles on Old South Pearl. What was briefly Session Kitchen is now home to Que Bueno SuerteBlack Pearl became Yard Bird, an evolution of Gaia Bistro which shuttered in December, and the new parking garage at1540 S. Pearl Street, built by the owners of Sushi Den, promises some exciting food-related retail businesses on the first floor.