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The Hot Scene at Mister Tuna on a Regular Friday Night

What to know before you go

Chef Troy Guard's latest venture, Mister Tuna, remains one of Denver's hottest restaurants. The energy is high and the vibe always right in the space located at 3033 Brighton Boulevard where a regular Friday night brings in somewhere between 225 and 250 guests.

Many diners will order the Charlie Guard poké, a top seller that honors Guard's father, after whom the restaurant was named too. His name is Charlie but his nickname in Hawaii remains Mister Tuna. The king crab comes in at a close second when it comes to most ordered dishes. To even out the parent attention, Guard included a large mural in the dining room that blows up a photo of his mother Christi taken in the 70s.

The chef's counter is the best seat in the amber-hued restaurant where the chef himself picks the music. There are six seats there and guests get to see all the action in the busy kitchen.

Fun fact: A trip to the bathroom will leave you guessing and wondering about the "art" that you will find on the walls, a mixture of inspirational, outrageous, and random scribbles and graffiti. "We've had dozens of guest artists contribute to the bathroom walls since we've opened," Guard shared. "Most of what's been added can't be mentioned in print," he you should just go check it out for yourself. Jared Anderson was the original artist of that space but much has changed since the first iteration.

Mister Tuna

3033 Brighton Boulevard, , CO 80216 (303) 831-8862 Visit Website