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Fast Casual Poke Spot Replaces Flow Juice Bar in Cap Hill

Sushi in a cup is the name of the game


Sushi Cup will open in the next few weeks at 208 E. Seventh Avenue next to Max’s Wine Dive in a space that housed on and off the Flow Juice Bar. Renovations to the small space started toward the end of January and equipment is ready to be moved into the upcoming eatery.

The Japanese meets Hawaiian restaurant will focus on poke bowls (or poke cups...or sushi bowls, hence the name) made with simple ingredients that highlight great quality fish (but also vegetarian protein like tofu) diced over rice, complemented by varied condiments.

Fifty lucky fans who like and follow the Facebook page will be chosen to sample Sushi Cup first. When it opens, the new Cap Hill eatery will offer lunch and dinner service seven days a week.

In the meantime, if you have your heart set on grabbing a poke bowl right this very minute, try one of the twelve places we have listed on our Guide to Poke Bowls in Denver.