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5280 Magazine's New Food Editor Unveils Where She Eats Now

Sneak peek into Denise Mickelsen's recommendations for every time of the day

5280 Magazine

For the food obsessed, the March issue of 5280 Magazine has been the second most anticipated one of the monthly publication, after the October one, which comes with the Best 25 Restaurants. Under the direction of longtime food editor Amanda Faison, March had been about new restaurants for years. In 2016, that format was switched to Where to Eat Now. Faison departed from 5280 in November after a two decades long tenure.

New editor Denise Mickelsen, who moved to Denver in 2014 and previously worked at Craftsy, kept the title- Where to Eat Now- but approached the format differently. "What I wanted to do is take readers through a day of great eating in Denver, from breakfast to lunch, dinner, dessert, and late night," she shared. "There is family-friendly dining, which probably stems from the fact that I have a kid and that I like to take him out with us. There are diners and hidden gems, and there are late night spots. Many places in Denver may have been around for a long time but remain new to me so there was only one criteria when we selected these spots: it's delicious, it's on the table!"

Mickelsen gave us a sneak peek at what she loves about Denver. For after hours drinks, the Wazee Supper Club and the Kitchen Upstairs are featured in the magazine that hits stands tomorrow. Among hidden gems, as suggested by Lyft drivers, are family-owned Cafe Brazil, casual Clancy's Irish Pub, charming El Coco Pirata, and comforting Welton's Street Cafe.

The most important meal of the day, breakfast, includes sandwiches from Carbon Cafe & Bar, Black Black Coffee, Moxie Eatery, plus these below, straight out of the pages of the March 2017 issue.