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Hoof, Wing, and Fin Wheels Into Denver

Bone broth and some fancy dishes right out of a food truck


Brett Langstaff and Greg Loonie, Two chefs that spent the last eight years cooking in New York City, brought a new food truck in Denver. Langstaff and Loonie, who met in the kitchen of Mark Forgione, launched Hoof, Wing, and Fin this week.

The eatery on wheels features grass-fed bone broths, charcuterie and breads utilizing high quality ingredients sourced from local farmers. Among the must-haves are the charcuterie board, which includes mortadella, kielbasa, beef pâté, and chicken liver mousse, and the broths.

The goal of the chefs is to will use each part of the animal in unique ways, showcasing just how tasty each bit can be with things like beef tongue pastrami, bacon, and fried sweet breads. The bone broth addition came mostly because of its health benefits, along with the taste.

Right now, Hoof, Wing, and Fin can be found at Cerebral Brewing, Little Machine Beer, Goldspot Brewing Company, and many more locations to come.

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