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The Inventing Room Is Cranking in Dubai

And making some Denver appearances too

Ian Kleinman

The Inventing Room may have gotten unceremoniously kicked out of its space in the Ballpark neighborhood shortly after its one year anniversary but owner Ian Kleinman has not slowed down. Since the fall when the shop closed, the Willy Wonka-like chef opened an outpost of his science-centric dessert shop in Dubai and the popularity of the business is growing there every day. Kleinman posted photos of the menu and the crowds flocking to the shop ready for a sweet treat.

Those who are missing the quirky desserts don't necessarily need to travel to Dubai to enjoy Kleinman's creations. While he does not yet have a brick and mortar location picked out, he is making some cameo appearances at the Nature & Science Museum (2001 Colorado Boulevard) on select dates. The cart will be there for the science lounge on March 16. It will return for other science lounges depending on the theme and it will also be back on free days.