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Mongolian Hot Pot Restaurant Takes Over Walnut Room Space

This will be the second location for Chubby Cattle

Chubby Cattle

If you had to guess what kind of of a restaurant Chubby Cattle was, Mongolian would likely not be among your answers. A six month old Vegas-born operation focused on Mongolian hot pot stews, Chubby Cattle is not moooo-ving to Denver but rather expanding with a second location here, according to BusinessDen.

Come June, the new spot will launch in the former home of the Walnut Room, a pizza joint and music venue that decided not to renew its lease in the summer of 2016, citing high rents and a desire to focus on its original outpost located in RiNo at 3131 Walnut Street.

Chubby Cattle is much about the experience. Tables are equipped with a heated pot and the bar sports a refrigerated conveyor belt. You start with a base broth then choose seasonings, spices and pick meats (beef, mutton, lamb, chicken, duck, fish, or shrimp) and vegetables (mushrooms, potatoes, cabbage, etc) off a rotating conveyor belt to mix into the stew. The variety of ingredients makes one thing of Korean barbecue restaurants or shabu shabu spots.

Here's how the company describes itself:

Chubby Cattle was inspired by Mongolian, Tibetan, and Chinese philosophies of medicine and healing. As the first restaurant in the world to provide refrigerated conveyor belt based hotpot meals, we take pride in using ingredients that provide essential health benefits and savory tastes. We allow our soups to brew for eight hours to ensure a delectable experience for our fellow foodies.
Healthy choices, comfortable seating, and exquisite service, "Chinese fondue" never tasted so good!

When it opens, dinner will be served seven nights a week.