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Drive-Thru Salad Spot Mad Greens Now Open

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Cause ordering from your car shouldn’t mean junk food

Mad Greens

Homegrown salad-centric MAD Greens has made a name for itself with made-to-order customizable salads, scratch-made dressings, healthy kids meals, nutritious juices, and hearty paninis. With several locations around the metro area, the company now opened its first very first drive-thru, which also includes a full-service restaurant, in Louisville at 944 West Dillon Road.

The company, founded in 2004, has 31 corporate-owned locations across four states, with additional openings scheduled later this year, and drive-thru is the new frontier. "We are excited to serve our customers in this new way and believe that the convenience of a healthy drive-thru option will delight busy moms with kids in the back seat, tired commuters after a long day, and customers on a short lunch break who want to grab a healthy salad to take back to their desk," said MAD Greens CEO Darden Coors.

The drive-thru mirrors restaurant hours. The mobile- and online-ordering functions provide customers additional options for fast service by ordering in advance and picking up their order through the drive-thru, avoiding the lines inside the restaurant.

Jumping on the train of mobile ordering and the drive-thru function is the soon-to-launch Birdcall. Two locations are forthcoming, of which the second one will bring about the drive thru.