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Berkeley’s Cafe 44 Calls It Quits

It will shutter at the end of the month

Cafe 44
Andra Zeppelin

After 12 years serving the Berkeley area, Cafe 44, located at 3565 West 44th Avenue (44th and Lowell), is closing its doors. The shop, which was previously Taza de Cafe (owned by the same family) offered breakfast and brunch with everything from egg dishes to toast items, soups, salads, and a variety of sandwiches. A full espresso menu plus smoothies, ice cream, and more were part of the menu.

Weeks ago, Cafe 44 posted a message on its Facebook page giving a preview of the impending closure. Here’s what it said:

Dear Friends,

In the following weeks, you will see a gradual decrease of menu items. After 12 years of service, we are preparing our shop for closure in March. We are happy to announce our food truck coming in the spring 2017. Please stay updated about our progress on Facebook. Thank you for your support all these years. We hope for many more to come.