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Animal Rights Protester Claims That He May Face Charges After Storming Cochon 555

The full video of his speech is now here

In response to the mention of the protest staged at Cochon 555 on Sunday, Aidan Cook, the man who gave the provocative speech about consuming human meat, sent a press release and a video. This spares the prior paraphrasing in our recap of the event and gives a refresher on what was actually said.

Cook is an advocate for Direct Action Everywhere, a group that describes itself as "a network of animal rights activists working to challenge speciesism throughout society. We use creative protest to challenge the use of animals for food, clothing, experimentation, and entertainment." The release he shared describes the events as him "being invited on stage to make an announcement, then tackled to the ground by private security agents when he proceeded to deliver a speech satirizing the festival as a purveyor of violence against animals." Cook was allowed to speak after walking on stage with a microphone that he found on an event table. He and his group did not gain access to the event by purchasing tickets like other attendees. Guests at the event had wristbands to indicate that they checked in at the ticketing desk. Cook said that no one was at the ticketing desk and also stated that the Curtis Hotel and Cochon 555 have pressed charges against him for trespassing. The organizers of Cochon 555 through founder Brady Lowe shared that they are not part of any legal action against Cook.  The Curtis Hotel also denied involvement in a legal action against Cook.

The group, Direct Action Everywhere, is not on its first protest rodeo. Just last month, members of the group were involved in an incident at Ideal Market in Boulder where they caused approximately $1000 in property damage. They also made an appearance at a Meat Matters dinner held at Blackbelly Market. Cook himself is no stranger to getting arrested. That happened multiple times under very similar circumstances.


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