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Pink Tank Takes Over the Irish Pub Kitchen

Don’t panic: The bar isn’t going anywhere


A neighborhood staple in Wash Park, The Pub on Pearl is joining forces with eatery on wheels PinkTank. The food truck operation will be taking over the kitchen at The Pub on Pearl in Wash park and will be opening on April 4.

On the menu will appear favorites from the food truck, including the Finger Lickin Chicken and Waffles, The Benz, the F-Bomb, Tank Tots. The bar part of the operation remains the same. Beers, wine, and the rest of the full bar will go well with the food created by the team at the PinkTank.

The PinkTank was born when the owner, David, woke up one morning and realized his job was not what he wanted to continue to do. "I was sick of the soulless grind," he says on his website. "It was time for a change and time to do something I was passionate about--which was food! With the help and support of my amazing wife, I quit my job and started building a monstrosity in my garage." The rest is history!