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Justin Brunson Launches Charcuterie Processing Plant

A 6,000 square foot meat processing plant will start cranking sausages and cured meats in Denver

Courtesy of Rocky Mountain Charcuterie

Chef Justin Brunson, best known for Masterpiece Deli and Old Major, is planning on upping Denver's charcuterie game with a new business venture, Rocky Mountain Charcuterie (RMC). This is the next evolution of a charcuterie skills that Brunson has been honing for many years. His Old Major charcuterie program is a major highlight of the LoHi restaurant.

Partnering with Ken Wolf, Matt Grove, Joshua Applestone and Amos Watts, Rocky Mountain Charcuterie will be a USDA inspected, Denver-based meat production facility specializing in local deli meats, fresh and cooked sausages, bacon, dried cured salamis, as well as whole muscle cuts sourced from family farms and ranchers throughout the Rocky Mountain region.

The 6,000 square foot, multi-million dollar state of the art facility located at 38th Ave. and Steele Street. Brunson's Denver Bacon Company bacon will also be manufactured at RMC. 7X Beef, Colorado's premier Wagyu ranchers, signed on to manufacturer their wagyu hotdogs at RMC as well.

When it opens, the processing plant will receive whole animals and cuts from local farmers, to be cured, smoked and dried to produce everything from roast beef and pastrami, to corned beef and ham.Packaged product will be sold wholesale to national grocery stores and restaurants.