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Staple Jewish Deli Stands with Immigrants

Cherry Creek’s Zaidy’s posted this message on its door

Kevin Morrison

In an effort to show support for immigrants but also one to educate its patrons, Zaidy's, the classic Cherry Creek deli located on 121 Adams Street, posted the message above on its doors.

This isn't the first of these kinds of messages to emerge in restaurants around Denver after January 20. In the last couple of weeks, Justin Cucci, owner of Edible Beats, which includes Root Down, Linger, Ophelia's, and Vital Root, committed to donating a portion of Restaurant Week sales to the Islamic Relief USA, which was running a "Pay Attention to Syria" campaign. Chefs, beer makers, and coffee operations across the city have also had their own reactions and acts of support ranging from posting messages of inclusiveness to fundraising for the ACLU.

Here's what the Zaidy's poster says:

Zaidy's is OPEN today and tomorrow and the next day because we are lucky to have the most amazing group of immigrant and first generation Americans working with us.

The wine you are drinking came from grapes picked by immigrants, the food you are eating was harvested by immigrants. They cooked your food and washed your dishes. They poured your water and some took your order. They greeted you at the door and answered the phone when you made your reservation. We are a nation of immigrants and they are the best part of America.

Today, while you are enjoying your meal and your service, say thank you to them and let them know that they have your support and appreciation for all  they do because they are what