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Sign for Little Gingko Asian Cafe up in Former Gypsy House Window

The corner space at 13th and Marion sold last year

Celebrated for its bright, oversized street art visible from east 13th Avenue, Gypsy House, the Turkish coffee shop, hippie hookah bar, and open artistic and spiritual community in Capitol Hill, shuttered last March, when its lease was up and the building sold.

Now, with the mural painted over, an interior renovation and curtains filling the 1,700-square-foot corner property windows, small signs are surfacing of the next occupant to fill the space at 1279 Marion Street. Initially, the Denari family was told their beloved Gypsy House would turn into a sushi restaurant and later, neighbors spoke of a falafel shop that was expected.

A small placard on the door implies that Little Ginko Asian Cafe is on its way, having applied for a liquor license as of late last August.

The likelihood of regulars – from the tarot card readers to poets, misfits and musicians – returning seems low, however, the busy block has seen a variety of fresh ideas emerge throughout the last few years, from Marion Street Tavern to Thump Coffee Roasters.

Gypsy House Cafe

, Denver, CO 80246

Marion Street Tavern

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Thump Coffee

1201 East 13th Avenue, , CO 80218 (720) 456-6648 Visit Website