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Genki Sushi Comes to Uptown, Thai Basil Switches Spaces

Musical chairs on 18th Avenue

Andra Zeppelin

Thai Basil in Uptown is just about to move two doors down in the space that housed Hot Cakes until September of last year. The new space, set at Hot Cakes 1400 East 18th Avenue will give the independently-owned eatery more space and the opportunity to offer new thing like pho, the Vietnamese broth-focused dish. The move will take place as early as this weekend, pending city inspections.

The space that Thai Basil called home for the last few years, set at 1422 E 18th Avenue, will be taken over by Genki Sushi, a new Japanese restaurant that will serve sushi, sashimi, and other specialties. It will launch soon after the previous tenant moves out, after a few touches are added.

For now, confusing as it may be, Thai Basil is still operating in its original space but the sign above the door for the upcoming sushi attraction has already been hung.