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The Kitchen Group Introduces New Restaurant Concept

Hedge Row will plant roots in Cherry Creek North

Hugo Matheson and Anne Cure at Hedgerow Farm
Courtesy of the Kitchen

What was slated to be a second Denver outpost of The Kitchen has been traded Hedge Row. The 4,300 square foot restaurant, set to open in the coming weeks at 100 Steele Street, comes from the same people behind the 13 year old Boulder-born group, who decided to introduce a new concept to diners, starting with those in Cherry Creek.

"We wanted to move to a little more rustic version of the elevated concept we have at the Kitchen," Don Degnan, president of The Kitchen Restaurant Group said. "Hedge Row is focused around wood-roasted vegetable and a wood-roasted entrée program. It will be open for lunch and dinner straight through to go back to that neighborhood feel of the original Boulder one.

Knowing where food comes from and paying tribute to those who source the ingredients that build the food at Hedge Row is a priority. The American bistro and bar will launch with a menu that allows wood-roasted vegetables to turn into hearty and satisfying meals and meat-dishes to offer a comforting alternative. Signature items on the Hedge Row menu will include mole-braised short ribs with polenta and spring radish, wood roasted trout with almond brown butter and celery, and charred Chinese broccoli with caramelized lemon and chili and garlic. Mainstays from The Kitchen Restaurant Group such as The Kitchen tomato soup, signature Bolognese, and sticky toffee pudding will also be included.

Owners Kimbal Musk and Hugo Matheson chose the name Hedge Row to pay homage to the first farm they worked with when the first opened The Kitchen in 2004 on Boulder's Pearl Street. Hedgerow Farm was run by Anne and Paul Cure who have since switched to running their own operation, Cure Farm.

This year, Hedge Row will spread its wings to Indianapolis, Indiana and, if we were to bet, there will be more in the future. The goal of the group for each location is to be unique and to reflect the community it serves.