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Community Rallies to Support Damascus Grill Owner Struck by Tragedy

The latest Syrian attack on civilians took away 10 family members from the owners of Damascus Grill

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Damascus Grill
Damascus Grill
Lori Midson

The Colorado dining community has always been a supportive one in times of need for restaurant or bar owners. Last week, a post on NextDoor brought another tragedy to light: Mahmoud Yasser Kassir, the owner of Damascus Grill, a three-location Middle Eastern restaurant, lost 10 family members in the latest bombing and gassing of civilians in Syria. Kassir was speaking on the phone with his relatives when the missiles struck. The pain and loss are unimaginable; community support is crucial.

Here is the original NextDoor post with details on the tragedy and how to support Kassir.

The owners of this wonderful neighborhood restaurant have lost many family members to the war in Syria. Ten (10) family members died most recently in the horrifying bombing and gassing of civilians this week. Ten. Died. On one day.

As loving and concerned neighbors, we thought we might show some small support by bringing friends and family to the restaurant this Sunday evening - ordering, eating, and tipping more than usual, and giving whatever gifts of money or encouragement you are moved to give in support of this family, our neighbors. The restaurant is small, so if Sunday night doesn't work for you or is too full to enjoy a meal with your neighbors - drop by any time and love on these folks.

The family is overwhelmed with gratitude and, to track & account for all this generosity, are setting up a fund to offset burial and rebuilding costs. For those interested, please make checks to: Kassir Family Relief Fund.