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12 @ Madison Wows Most Online Critics

Here's what the online community is saying about the new Congress Park hotspot

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12 at Madison
12 at Madison

A Secret Date Spot: Zagat claims that "low-key refinement" is the name of the game at 12 @ Madison. The seasonal array of small plates and daily specials paired against an art gallery aesthetic creates an intimate atmosphere. Zagat users rated the restaurant 4.5 stars for their variety of food, warm ambiance and reasonable prices for quality food. Many guests also praised 12 @ Madison's selection of cocktails as perfect additions to their date night. However, few complained that few seasonal dishes can be hit or miss and decided to opt for other, established neighborhood gems. [Zagat]

The Star of the Denver Dining Scene: Both locals and tourists on Open Table applauded the restaurant's eclectic menu, reasonable prices, and well-prepared food. Many diners recommend the spot for brunch, lunch and birthday gatherings. Few diners commented that Chef Osaka's new venture was inventive, a true gem, and "a home-run for Chef Osaka." Yet few visitors did express disappointment with service bumps, including waits for reserved tables and somewhat apathetic services. 12 @ Madison managed to cultivate a 4.7-star rating on the site and most reviewers agreed that the restaurant is a "work in progress." [OpenTable]

Seasonal Fluctuations: Google reviewers also awarded the restaurant 4.5 stars for their food, service, and atmosphere. While those with adventurous palates proclaimed that they want to try every single item on the menu, a couple of choosier diners felt, in their gut, that 12 @ Madison was not their style. One user noted that it was a "cool setting," though not for them and that the food was occasionally too rich. Another noted that the seasonal vegetarian options were often hit or miss and lackluster. However, neither diner was totally dissatisfied with their experience. One noted that they hope to check out the restaurant more as the seasons - and the vegetarian options - change. [Google Reviews]

Price Woes and Finding How to Stick Out: Like the reviews on other social media sites, diners on Yelp mostly celebrated the new Congress Park restaurant. However, one comment regarding the restaurant reoccurred: small portions with higher prices. Price conscious diners acquiesced while the food was mostly delicious, hungrier patrons will need two or three plates to themselves before feeling satisfied. Another customer reluctantly praised the restaurant's flavors but wrote that 12 @ Madison is "[n]othing remarkable." [Yelp]

Best New Restaurant: The neighborhood spot was just named best new restaurant by Westword. Here's what critic Gretchen Kurtz had to say about it, in part: "The menu feels abundantly large for such a small spot, unfolding in clusters of soups/salads, vegetables, pastas, seafood, lighter proteins and heavier meats, all executed with Osaka's intensity and fine-dining focus. Still, with prices in the low to mid-teens, everything feels within reach. By going small — though not too small; each plate is easily shared — Osaka has given himself more opportunities to play with flavors, textures, colors and ingredients, and given us more reasons to return." [Westword]

12 at Madison

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