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Sweet Cooies: A Delicious Deal in Congress Park

Online reviewers generously praise the ice cream shop for its sweet treats and old school charm

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Sweet Cooie's
Sweet Cooie's
Adam Larkey

Old School Charm: Sweet Cooies stands on its own, despite the inherent comparison to the Little Man Ice Cream, the team's original LoHi venture. Zagat notes that the Congress Park confectionary "exudes charm all its own" with its vintage service counters and comforting, robin's egg blue interior. The dining guide admits the ice cream shop into multiple must-hit lists, including "New Restaurants and Bars in Denver." The guide also includes the infamous Gooey Cooie in the round-up "Eat This Now: 11 New Dishes to Try in Denver." [Zagat]

Wes Anderson Aesthetics: Facebook users generously praise Sweet Cooie's for the shop's Disneyland look and turn-of-the-century aesthetic. One reviewer's compliment noted that the "delightful" decor, complete with a "Wes Anderson feel" was sweet enough to photograph. However, guests tended to keep their visits short due to the slightly cramped space. Additionally, one customer complained that the ice cream had a somewhat crystalline texture. Overall, guests awarded the shop five stars and promised that new customers would not be disappointed. [Facebook]

Vegans, Rejoice!: Vegans everywhere are grateful that Sweet Cooies includes options that meet their dietary decisions, for all those conscious eaters with a sweet tooth. On Yelp, customers celebrated that the shop has "more non-dairy options than most shops in Denver." Dairy lovers found themselves drawn to flavors like the peanut butter oreo vegan, vegan horchata and vegan chocolate. For guests that have more open palates, Sweet Cooies offers a variety of ice creams, sorbets, cones, truffles and treats. [Yelp]

Minor Drawbacks: One Google reviewer noted that the new Congress Park sweet spot emphasized  design over its products. One user commented that Sweet Cooie's "seems like style over substance" and that the holy cannoli and mint julep flavors "didn't deliver." Another reviewer loved the ice creams' quality and flavors but felt the menu was limited. However, the general consensus was that Sweet Cooie's staff delivered sweet service and snacks. [Google]

Sweet Cooie's

3506 E 12th Ave, Denver, CO 80206 (720) 550-7140