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A Saturday Night on the Town at Vesta

A staple weekend scene at this long-time downtown hot spot

Vesta certainly has earned some street cred over the years. In a city booming with exciting, new restaurants each week, staying open and busy every night is no small feat. But that’s exactly what the team has done.

Open two decades this year, Vesta has made some big changes recently, not the least of which is dropping "Dipping Grill" off the name and remodeling the interior of the restaurant.

The team also hired Nicholas Kayser as executive chef last year. Since, he has revamped the menu, keeping the focus  on global cuisine, but with a fresh perspective.

The dining experience is still king here – service always a priority, along with setting the right mood and ambiance on any given evening.

The wine and cocktail lists are as robust as ever and though they changed the name, the dipping sauces are still around and available.

Head in early any day of the week for a killer happy hour or come for a full blown mouthwatering dinner and drinks. You won't regret it.


2022 Broadway, , CA 94063 (650) 362-5052 Visit Website