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Vegan Emporium Govinda’s Garden Vegan Cafe Will Close

The last celebration will happen on Earth Day

Govinda’s Facebook

Another vegan restaurant is about to shutter in Denver. Govinda's Garden Café, operated by Nandini and Carlos Rossi at the Radha Krishna Temple at 1400 Cherry Street, will call it quits on Saturday, April 29. The Radha Krishna Temple is retaking control of the restaurant space and may operate a vegan eatery out of there as it has before the Rossis brought their business in.

Govinda's and its owners became an active part of the vegan community and its shutter adds to others that occurred recently. In early March, Handy Diner, a small vegan eatery located in the Cole neighborhood was closed by city officials for lacking the necessary permits. In August, Love Peace & Sol closed after a short stint in Park Hill.

This is what the owners of Govinda's posted for its patrons and fans:

Dear friends and customers,

It is with a heavy heart that we are writing this communication to all of you. You all are very dear to us and we have developed wonderful personal relationships, friendships and connections with you. It has been our deepest satisfaction getting to know so many and to serve you over the past years.

The Temple had informed us that they want to take over the management and running of the restaurant awhile back. This was unsettling to us and we were hopeful in our numerous meetings and discussions with the temple management that things might change, but this was not to be. So, the sad news; my husband Carlos and I will be closing our Govinda's Garden Vegan Café as of April, Saturday the 29th and as of that date we no longer be serving our healthy vegan buffet to you all, as we have for the past three and half years. We are so sorry.

At this point we do not have any information about what the temple plans are. When they plan to open? How many days and hours? We do not feel they plan to continue to be a 100% vegan buffet. We hope that they provide us with this information so that we can pass it on to you all before our departure. Our prayer is that the temple continues to run their buffet successfully that it remains the special place.

As the saying goes, "that which appears to be the end, may only be the beginning". Our favorite spiritual songwriter George Harrison sang in his first solo album: "All Things Must Pass". We see the signs and humbly accept the plan of our Sweet Lord.

My husband and I will be taking some time for rejuvenation and healing and to take care of some personal things. When the time is right, we plan to open a vegan catering business... a cookbook book perhaps with all the Govinda's Garden Vegan recipes you love so much. We will be dividing our time between Denver and Dallas, so we are still looking forward to see many of you in the future.

We will have our last event on Saturday, April 22, Earth Day. A combination of a farewell and celebration for Mother Earth. We will post about this happienng soon.

We hope we can see you and give you a big hug perhaps on our Earth Day Finale Celebration, before our departure, and look so forward to seeing and serving you all in this our final month.

In closing, we want to thank you all so much for your support, encouragement, appreciation and yes, love.

Many blessings and best wishes for you all.With gratitude

Your friends and servants

Nandini and Carlos Rossi PS: On a side note: The temple does not wish to the beautiful mystical art that so many of you have asked to purchase. We will a post with the price we paid for each art piece and also post under each piece in the cafe.