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Ratio Beerworks Returns Quickly Thanks to RiNo Arts District

The brewery voluntarily shuttered last week because of missing paperwork

Courtesy of Ratio Beerworks

After discovering some missing paperwork and closing voluntarily last week, Ratio Beerworks is pouring beers again courtesy of the RiNo Arts District. The neighborhood art organization is sparing the business, its employees, and its fans of a possible 20 day shutter while the paperwork issue is being resolved by hosting an unconventional non-profit RiNo Tap Takeover.

“Ratio is a pillar of RiNo. By holding a series of non-profit events and renting out their tap room and patio, we felt our organization could help make the best out of a bad situation for Ratio,” RiNo Art District President Jamie Licko said.

“The silver lining of this situation is how positive the neighborhood support has been. We are in awe of the RiNo Art District’s help and we are proud to work with them to do something community-focused during this temporary closure,” said Ratio Beerworks owner, Jason zumBrunnen.

Because of its non-profit status, RiNo Art District can offer Ratio’s beer for a $6 suggested donation. “It is a fundraiser and it is the honor system, but our experience is that people are incredibly charitable and philanthropic,” said Licko.