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The Boulangerie Replaces the Shuttered Pajama Baking Co.

Old South Pearl is getting a French bakery

Gigi Sukin

The Pajama Baking Co., a simple staple bakeshop on Old South Pearl is no more and in its place the Boulangerie will soon rise. Russel Tearney, owner of the now shuttered cafe called it quits, and turned the keys to the space over to a recent Denver transplant, Steven Roland.

A classically trained chef and baker originally from California, Roland took over corner location at 1595 Street Pearl Street, a space he found to be in disrepair. His first step toward turning the place into his new venture, one that will bring breads, a variety of pastries, breakfast, and lunch to the charming street, is to give the space a thorough clean and a cosmetic makeover.

Once that process is complete, Roland plans to focus on high quality baked goods made with traditional French techniques. The chef, who cooked all over Europe and studied in Lausanne, Switzerland, hopes to open the doors within the next month.

Andra Zeppelin